Adult Attachment Interview, Reflective Functioning and EFT

Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) is the gold standard in assessment of individual attachment style.  According to literature, attachment security is closely related to ability to “mentalize” and higher Reflective Functioning (RF).

In this workshop, you will learn the theory behind AAI, how to administer it in your clinical practice, and how to identify general patterns of state of mind in regards to attachment.   We will also review the origins and definitions of the concept of mentalizing and Reflective Functioning, its application to EFT model, and explore the role of therapist’s RF in treatment.  AAI excerpts and video segments of EFT therapy will be used to demonstrate these concepts, as well as experiential exercises.




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Zoya Simakhodskaya, PhDZoya Simakhodskaya, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and Certified EFT Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer Candidate.  Zoya supervises and presents on EFT locally and internationally.  She has a full-time practice in Chelsea, NY with adults and couples, specializing in cross-cultural and bilingual population.  In addition to her psychotherapy practice, Zoya has many years of experience providing crisis intervention in a psychiatric emergency service and continues as a voluntary faculty at NYU School of Medicine.  She received training in AAI administration and RF coding from Dr. Howard Steele and had presented on this subject at the 2012 EFT Summit.

Assisted by:

2 croppedJulia Belotserkovsky, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist with advanced training in EFT.  Julia has been trained in relational psychoanalytic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and Brief Psychodynamic therapy.  She is trained and certified in coding AAI and had conducted research using the interview.

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