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  • Keep repeating the same patterns?
  • Losing touch with friends and family?
  • Fed up of slogging through each day?
  • Low self-esteem that stays low?

Individual Psychotherapy

It can be difficult to know whether it’s time to make the call. Some of the signs that you may benefit from psychotherapy services include a persistent experience of sadness or dissatisfaction with life, ongoing loneliness or a sense of disconnect from others, or continually using alcohol, overwork, or other excessive behavior to ward off feelings of emptiness.  These are all indications that you may be suffering from insecure or fragmented connections which impede a sense of vitality and well-being.

You deserve to have a fulfilling life and satisfying relationships?

We offer weekly and twice-weekly therapy sessions. When appropriate, we may also provide longer or double sessions. Our approach to psychotherapy combines a focus on helping you gain insight into the sources of your difficulties, becoming more emotionally aware, and making changes in your life. Our new clients often comment that they want a therapist who is not silent. While we listen carefully and attentively, we will be active and responsive in our sessions.

You won’t find cookie-cutter solutions or canned responses at CPID. Each person is unique and we take the time to create a plan just for you. That means understanding your situation and fully addressing all questions or concerns so you can make the best decisions for your recovery from depression, anxiety, anger, and more.

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