We provide family therapy services to help parents and children find their way back to a healthy connection with each other.

We are experienced in working jointly with members of families and extended families, such as parents and adult children, young adult and adolescent children, grandparents, in-laws, and siblings. We have a particular expertise in working with adopted children and their parents. We can help your family develop the tools to overcome challenges together.

Facing challenges is a natural part of being a family. Therapy provides families with the tools to work through issues together and emerge stronger, continuing to nurture one another throughout adulthood. In therapy sessions, we create a supportive family environment that allows you to rebuild and strengthen your relationships with one another.

Common reasons for family therapy include:

  • Issues between married couples and in-laws
  • Conflicts between parents and adult or adolescent children
  • Helping elderly parents
  • Adult sibling relationships
  • Family business conflicts
  • Mother and daughter/ son relationships
  • Father and son/ daughter relationships
  • Coping with mental or physical illness of a family member

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