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MY name is Zoya Simakhodskaya and I created CPID to provide the highest quality psychological services based on my belief in the strengths we all gain from secure connections with others. Whether you are suffering from relationship stress, depression, anxiety or other emotional discomfort, our unique attachment theory based approach to psychotherapy can help you. I have joined forces with a number of trusted colleagues to create a center where we are able to provide complimentary services to all our clients in the convenience of a coordinated center. CPID is also a center for training and education for clinicians seeking to achieve excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy. I hope you will continue to browse our website and learn about the training and services we provide to the New York City area.

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Zoya Simakhodskaya, PhD

Julia Belotserkovsky, Ph.D.

Meital Bendet, Psy.D.

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