sarah_0752_ croppp-1Sarah is an expert in working with relational problems

  • PhD in Clinical Psychology from CUNY Graduate Center
  • Trained in Psychodynamic, Relational and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology at City College of New York
  • Specializing in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples

I believe that how we relate to others is deeply connected to our relationship with ourselves. I work with people to recognize and change their own inner critics to have more compassion for themselves and others.

My expertise lies in treating symptoms of trauma and abuse, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and interpersonal difficulties. I am also passionate about working with individuals and couples to feel more safe, present, and fulfilled in their romantic and sexual lives. My previous work has centered around children, adolescents, adults, and couples in inpatient and outpatient hospital settings, an inner-city mental health center, a college counseling center and a group home for adolescents in foster care.

I am also experienced in working with clients who identify as non-normative in terms of their gender and/ or sexual orientation, and with people who practice consensual non-monogamy. Having lived and worked in India and Thailand, I am skilled at building relationships across cultures and I am attuned to cultural influences in my client’s lives. I have presented my research and clinical work at national conferences, with a specific interest in how to enhance emotional and sexual satisfaction in romantic relationships.

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