Sex as a Safe Adventure: Helping Couples Connect Sexually and Emotionally Through Emotionally Focused Therapy

 with Zoya Simakhodskaya, Ph.D. and Michael Moran, LCSW, CST

Do your couples present with complaints of sexual issues, such as:

  • Discrepancies in desire
  • Boredom in the bedroom
  • Discovery of out of control sexual behaviors
  • Arousal or orgasmic problems
  • Sexual challenges after having children
  • Trouble after infidelity or in the wake of trauma

From the perspective of Emotionally Focused Therapy, such complaints are most often part of an underlying lack of security and bond in the relationship caused by the negative cycle between partners.  At times, as the partners de-escalate and become more secure, sexual issues remain unresolved.  Yet, many EFT therapists lack knowledge and skills in the area of sex assessment and intervention.

This workshop is designed to give you a strong foundation where sexual issues are the presenting problem in couple therapy.  Introduction to up to date research on current models of sexuality will be presented.  You will learn how to do an assessment of both the negative relational cycle and the sexual cycle so you can skillfully work using EFT interventions with both cycles to help couples move to de-escalation. This workshop will also address how to integrate psycho-education and simple behavioral sex therapy interventions as couples begin to move into Stage 2, while at the same time continuing to build a secure bond through increased vulnerability. This workshop will include lecture, video examples and experiential exercises.


zoya 2016 _DSC1866 originalZoya Simakhodskaya, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and certified EFT Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer. She is a founding member and Vice President on the Board of Directors of NYCEFT.  Zoya is also a Founder and Director of Center for Psychological and Interpersonal Development dedicated to high quality individual and couples therapy and EFT training.  Zoya has a full-time practice in Chelsea, NY with adults and couples, specializing in cross-cultural and bilingual population.  In addition to her psychotherapy practice, Zoya has many years of experience providing crisis intervention in a psychiatric emergency service and continues as a voluntary faculty at NYU School of Medicine, CUNY Graduate Center, and Rutgers University.  Zoya enjoys helping therapists learn EFT and teaches nationally and internationally, now bringing EFT to Russia.

Moran3Michael Moran, LCSW is a Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist with a full-time practice in NYC treating adults and couples. He has extensive training in the “Inner Bonding” modality of healing created by Drs. Margaret Paul and Erika Chopich. As an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist he is highly skilled at integrating treatment of sexual issues as they present in couple’s therapy.  Michael is also an Adjunct Professor at Rutgers University where he teaches graduate courses in Marriage & Family Therapy as well as LGBTQ Issues in Contemporary Society at Rutgers University.

When and where:

February 2-3, 2018 – San Francisco, CA.  Hosted by Northern California Community for EFT.  Click here for more information and registration.

March 2-3, 2018 – Philadelphia, PA.  Hosted by Philadelphia Center for EFT.  Click here for more information and registration.

March 16-17, 2018 – Wellesley, MA.  Hosted by New England Center for EFT.  Click here for more information and registration.

March 8-9, 2019 – Phoenix, AZ.  Hosted by Arizona Center for EFT. Click here for more information and registration.