“Core Skills: Further Exploration” is an opportunity to focus on particular aspect of EFT in an intensive, small group format.  Lecture, video and experiential exercises will focus on a specific Stage 1 (working with escalation) and Stage 2 (heightening emotion) skill.  Some participants will present a specific question regarding EFT model or self-of-the-therapist block and then engages in a role play with a trainer or supervisor right next to you and support of the group.  Pre-requisite: completion of EFT Core Skills Advanced Training.

Here is what people had said about this training:

“This training was a homerun for me.  As we all well know with doing EFT it is impossible for one’s own attachment style/injuries not to impact the work, and Zoya created a grounded, safe space to unpack and be present for all that is occurring for me at this juncture in my EFT journey.  An insightful, engaging combination of theoretical prowess along with kind-hearted encouragement to go ever deeper, they worked seamlessly together to present a training experience which illumined a felt sense of my next steps…not only with my couples but within myself…thank you.” Michael Moran, LCSW, New York.


Zoya Simakhodskaya, Ph.D.


Michael Moran, LCSW


Friday-Saturday, October 6-7, 2017

Friday 9-5pm and Saturday 9-3pm


CPID Conference Room at 352 7th Avenue, Suite 1604



Registration is limited: To register for this workshop, please click on the link below:



If you have any questions, please email drzoyasim@gmail.com